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"Take the best life has to offer" is my motto. The best for me is tasty and unhealthy food. I don't feel normal without it. My relatives always teased me about being the chubby girl because it never bothered me. That's because I only let it bother me when I was alone. There was a weak and frightened dog hiding underneath all that fat. Now, that's all a thing of the past. It took me half a year to achieve it but I lost 50kg and I'd like to share with everyone how you can easily lose weight.

My story isn't a typical one. I didn't gain weight after giving birth but I did have a hormonal disbalance and a lot of stress after a difficult break-up. I've been overweight for as long as I can remember. However, everyone in my family is overweight. It's as if we worship food. I didn't feel that way about it when I was a teenager and tried to do something about my weight. No matter what I tried, the fat just kept appearing all over my body.

Cellulite developed in thick layers on my thighs, sides, waist, arms, neck and butt. And it happened all because I couldn't force myself to go on a diet. The constant food cravings drove me to eat fatty and unhealthy food.

When I finished high school, I moved to another city to enter uni. I thought it'd be my chance to change myself but it turned out that the situation was beyond my control. Even in childhood, I was never a fan of sports or exercise. I've also never been able to keep myself from eating the food I love. My evening trips for fast food became like a ritual for me.

My favorite burger

Unlike then, now I understand that I was always so stressed out. I always dreamed of finding true love. A partner who could love you even if you're ugly? All my friends were happily in relationships. We often threw cozy little gaming parties, chatted, drank wine and ate tasty food. I saw how my thin girlfriends could devour their huge fast food portions and not gain weight. I just sat there gritting my teeth and eating a salad. I knew if I ate too much that my jeans would blast open and the room would be filled with my fat flabs . Then, when I got home, I quietly ate anything I wanted while no one was looking.

I was at home alone watching a serial, devouring a pizza along with other junk food and laughing out loud. I cried not because the show was sad but rather because I pitied and hated myself. WHY COULDN'T I LOSE WEIGHT? Was it because I didn't follow the diet and pigged out too much? What can I do to get things under control when I try so hard and nothing ever works out ?

This is everything I ate just one evening!!

I start a new life after giving into evening cravings every morning.

I ate porridge and went to a group cardio workout. The hard part was looking at how perfect all the other girls looked. It was all really easy for them. I put so much effort into it and didn't see any results . I'm fed up with it all. I couldn't handle failing again and again . Everything changed when I got a new roommate who was just perfect. She was so fit and her body simply looked PERFECT. She had slim arms and legs, a narrow waist, a bubble butt, shiny hair and delicate skin. She ate just as much as I did and sometimes it seemed like she even ate more.

I got so jealous that someone else could eat the same as me and not get fat. What about me?? I spent a lot of time crying in the shower. I can't imagine how nasty I looked, fat and wrapped up in a towel crying in the corner of the room when my roommate suddenly came in thinking the room was empty. She saw me and tried to calm me down. I couldn't help myself so I told her the whole thing. Then, she told me her story....

It turns out she had to go through different weight loss diets to get to where she was. She wore herself out at the gym but never saw any results. She was absolutely desperate when destiny connected her with one quite impressive individual. He told her the secret to losing weight. He told her that models, actors, singers, fitness trainers and everyone who has a body worth being jealous of all lost weight with the help of Calorico Forte .

This how my roommate looked before and this is now

It's not some kind of marketing scheme. It's just a super effective product. I heard about the Calorico Forte before. This product contains natural nutrients that the body needs to burn body fat. It doesn't take days to have an effect and you won't need to go on a special diet.

She give me up a magic product Calorico Forte and offered me to try it out.

It was hard to believe in this fairytale but I had run out of options. I couldn't lose weight on my own. I was ready to pay anything to get Calorico Forte and was delighted to see that it was the same price as one of my typical pizzas if ordered from the manufacturer.

The best is part is that IT WORKS!! I lost 6 kg in 2 weeks ! Besides that, I didn't even change my diet or exercise. I didn't pig out but I didn't have to limit myself. I just drank that delicious coffee in the morning, Calorico Forte , and that's it. Before I used to constantly feel hungry and now I've forgotten what that's like thanks to this product.

Before I used to be so sluggish and now I have a bunch of energy. I started moving around more and eating less. Besides that, I continued eating junk food but not in such big amounts like before. A month flew by and I noticed my clothes getting loose. I almost lost my pants on my way to work one day, haha. But I was happy to see that happen, of course. Finally, I get to throw out all my old saggy clothes and wear something more fashionable and feminine.

A half a year has gone by since I started drinking Calorico Forte . I can't believe that I've actually lost 50 kg! I still drink capsules in the morning and I don't even think about going to the gym. It's a lot nicer being thin. You can treat yourself to any pretty little piece of clothing, not have to take up two spots in public transport, catch a few looks of admiration from guys and walk around in short shorts.

I eat my favorite burger like before but now I don't gain weight

Believe me, getting rid of excess body fat is well worth it. Actually being slim is awesome. With Calorico Forte it's not hard at all. Ladies, you can believe in miracles! If exercising and dieting aren't helping, then bring out the secret weapon.

Good luck getting in shape and here's a link to their official website where you can order the Calorico Forte .

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Annika Igwe
AMAHLE ABARA, you go girl! I adore people like you.
I was really taken by reading your story, I'll start losing weight ASAP. I also constantly postpone going on the diet but now it's starting to tell on my health and I'm only 32! I hadn't heard about Calorico Forte . I ought to give it a try.
Palesa Keita
O, count me in! Calorico Forte is a new generation product. All my family members and friends lost weight drinking it. But I bust my butt at the gym instead. Here are my results.
Thandiwe Masondo
Amazing results!! Way to go! If only I could get myself to do the same :-(
Bella Mensah
yeah, I bought myself a yearly membership at a super expensive gym and hardly ever go. I don't have the energy, maybe I'll try it out.
Ruby Perkins
Well, keeping the results is the hard part. I had a big problem trying to do this. I managed to lose 10 kg and it all came back a half a year later.
I couldn't lose 5 kg after giving birth. And then, with Calorico Forte I lost a whole 39 kg!
Kaya M
I recently started drinking Calorico Forte . I'm already satisfied with the results. 9 kg in a week and a half. which is totally like a lot for me. Before I could lose like 2 kg max.
Imka C
It took me a long time to lose weight after giving birth. I was even too lazy to flop myself off the couch moreless do something. Then I tried that drink and was wired for sound. The gym, jogs and rollerskate rides. My husband was perplexed by it all, he watched me as I returned to the weight I was before having kids.
Are there any symptoms??
What kind of symptoms can it have? It's completely natural.
Actually yeah, I'm really sensitive and have a lot of allergies and I took it with no problem. and it tasted really good. Thanks to Calorico Forte I lost 27 kg and it's definitely helps! Check out my pics.